Engineered to Protect Steel. Designed to Save Time.

Manufactured by Tesla NanoCoatings Inc., Teslan Carbon NanoCoating is a two-coat system featuring low VOC epoxy primer and topcoat with significant advantages not only in corrosion protection, but also in application time and effort. Teslan can be applied to replace conventional three-coat systems traditionally used to protect steel surfaces in any environment in all corners of the globe. Tesla NanoCoatings formulating operations are expandable to ensure capacity can meet growing demand.

Teslan’s difference is that it is formulated with carbon nanotubes that assemble into ropelike structures that make them tough and flexible. “Tough” translates into durability advantages over foes like weather, UV light, abrasion and other wear and tear. “Flexible” means Teslan-coated surfaces can be formed after coating and still remain intact because the carbon nanotubes can be stretched without breaking.

Such breakthrough corrosion-fighting technology has not gone unnoticed. The U.S. Army has identified Teslan as a “Technical Solution.” Editors at R&D Magazine praised it as one of the most technically significant products in 2011” as they presented Tesla NanoCoatings with the R&D 100 Award. Numerous other professional, technical and customer accolades also have been received.

Teslan applies like paint, but acts like plating. No special applicator training is required, as Teslan is compatible with conventional paint application equipment. While it is easy to apply, Teslan delivers unparalleled corrosion resistance and an extended lifetime – all at a cost savings compared to conventional three-coat paint jobs.

With university-based roots in product research and development and real-world field-experience performance, the Tesla NanoCoatings team has capitalized on carbon nanotubes’ mechanical, thermal and electrical properties to develop the stronger-than-diamond ropelike structures that characterize the patented high-performance Teslan formulation.

If you have steel to paint, you can appreciate diamond-class protection. Call Tesla NanoCoatings at 330-417-3550 today to get started on Teslan’s road to conquering corrosion.