Tesla NanoCoatings guides global rust-busting dream to reality.

Tesla NanoCoatings Inc. was founded as the brainchild of an entrepreneur trained in petroleum engineering and geology who dreamed of winning the ages-old war against metal corrosion. A never say never man, today Tesla NanoCoatings Founder, President and CEO Todd Hawkins is driving the effort to bring Teslan to the rescue for all who fight the costly battles against steel corrosion in the oil and gas, military, transportation, bridges and highways, construction and other critical applications.

The discovery of carbon nanotubes in 1985 helped inspire Hawkins’ interest in their potential for corrosion protection. He and Tesla NanoCoatings Chief Scientist Jorma Virtanen worked tirelessly to develop the formulation that today serves as the world’s best corrosion-resistant coatings system. Featuring carbon nanotubes and their unique mechanical, thermal and electrical properties, Teslan forms a protective barrier that is stronger than conventional rust-resistant paints, exhibits self-healing characteristics to withstand abrasions, and applies as easily as conventional coatings.

The Tesla NanoCoatings team brings real-world field-tested experience and university-based research and development talent. World headquarters are in North Canton, Ohio and the company has access to brilliant scientific minds from nearby University of Akron and other institutions where breakthroughs continue to be made in corrosion and technology.

In addition to the extensive R&D capabilities, Hawkins and his team have developed manufacturing capacity that ensures Teslan is ready and able to meet the global customer base’s demand for corrosion protection.

Tesla NanoCoatings has earned numerous technical and professional awards along with customer testimonials covering a wide range of applications. Teslan’s corrosion-fighting technology has been recognized by the U.S. Army as a “Technical Solution.” R&D Magazine editors praised Teslan as one of the most technically significant products in 2011” as they presented Tesla NanoCoatings with the R&D 100 Award. And in 2012, Tesla NanoCoatings was named winner of the 2012 NorTech Innovation Award.

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