Corrosion Protection for Your Industry

Oil & Gas: Protect your production operations
From the North Sea to the equator and beyond, oil and gas rigs toil night and day in the most extreme conditions to deliver energy to drive our world. Your job is to keep them running, whether in the salty sea or a sand-blasted desert. Carbon nanotube-formulated Teslan® is today’s best choice to leading the charge in the fight against salt and corrosion to keep offshore and land-based operations in production. Learn more >>


Military and Civil Projects: Defend against rust
Developed in collaboration with the U.S. Army Engineer Research and Development Center, Construction Engineering Research Laboratory, Teslan® has been to hell and back to prove its mettle in the war against corrosion. That’s why Teslan’s carbon nanotube formulation has been identified by the U.S. Army as a “Technical Solution.” Learn why what’s good for the U.S. Army Corps of Engineers is good for you. Learn more >>


Bridges and Structures: Keep them strong and sturdy
Win the battle against the corrosion that crumbles our infrastructure with patented Teslan®, the carbon nanotube-based two-coat system developed specifically to keep steel in service longer. Bridges and other high-strength steel structures will stay in service longer with Teslan coatings compared to those painted with conventional three-coat systems. Learn more >>


Transportation: Curb corrosion to roll on longer
Trucks and trailers parked for corrosion-related repairs don’t make money for their owners. Nor do idle construction and agricultural heavy equipment. Rust can bust the budget for fleet managers and farmers, so they turn to superior corrosion protection and easy-application Teslan® two-coat primer and topcoat systems. Put Teslan’s carbon nanotube-formulated corrosion insurance to work on your trucks and equipment. Learn more >>