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Military counts on Teslan for rust-busting defense in battle against corrosion

Tanks, gates, doors, wickets, buildings, locks and dams, towers and an array of essential equipment maintained by and for the United States military. All made from steel. All prone to corrosion. All gain protection from Teslan’s patented two-coat corrosion fighting system.

Teslan’s very foundation, in fact, is in Department of Defense and civil applications for field-proven corrosion fighting performance to preserve and protect steel.

Whether you need a small quantity or a thousand gallons, Teslan is available for prompt delivery anywhere in the world. Our manufacturing capacity is expandable to meet the growing global demand for corrosion-resistant steel coatings.

How Teslan is your ally in fighting metal corrosion

Teslan’s patented formulation is based on carbon nanotubes and the superior attributes they bring to the two-coat system’s formulation. Carbon nanotubes assemble into rope-like structures that create super durable protective coatings and are electrically active to quickly and effectively fill voids created by scratches and other abrasive actions that mar metal surfaces. Carbon nanotubes are:

  • The strongest and stiffest material known
  • Stronger chemical bonds than those found in diamonds
  • Superior conductors – 1,000 X greater than copper
  • 50X more tensile strength than steel
  • Self-assemble into ropes that toughen the coating
  • Greener than traditional zinc rich systems and MIL-TDL 24441 systems

We passed the test. How about you?

We would be pleased to tell you more about our military (civilian and DoD) experience. We also can share our test results. To learn more so you can pass your own corrosion-conquering test, call 330-417-3550 or contact us today.