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Over the highway and off the road, Teslan keeps transportation rolling

Long the bane of those who need to keep fleets running and equipment operating, corrosion can cripple the efforts of those who must get from Point A to Point Z on time and at the lowest possible cost.

Enter Teslan. Fleet operations and maintenance managers are finding the patented carbon nanotube-based technology behind the Teslan two-coat system can keep vehicles on the road and equipment productively operational. Teslan applies like paint to protect steel substrates from costly and crippling corrosion.

Teslan provides super hard and highly durable rust protection. Cost comparison analyses convincingly show the two-coat primer and topcoat Teslan system saves time and money over the long haul in a variety of corrosion-fighting applications.

Our R&D team works closely with transportation industry experts to ensure Teslan is the right choice for corrosion-resisting protective application. In trucking, mining, construction and other transportation and heavy equipment industries, Teslan can protect your investment from the ravages of corrosion and the costs associated with downtime and repair. Trailers, tankers, material handling and other heavy equipment can stay in service longer and require fewer maintenance dollars.

How does Teslan deliver superior corrosion protection?

Its formulation so groundbreaking that it is patented, the two-coat Teslan corrosion protection system is based on carbon nanotubes and their superior attributes. Carbon nanotubes provide so many advantages that extensive testing by a variety of organizations have determined Teslan is the superior choice compared to conventional three-coat systems. Carbon nanotubes assemble into rope-like structures that create super durable protective coatings. They are inherently highly active electrically so they quickly and effectively fill voids created by scratches and other abrasive actions that mar metal surfaces. Carbon nanotubes are:

  • The strongest and stiffest material known
  • Stronger chemical bonds than those found in diamonds
  • Superior conductors – 1,000 X greater than copper
  • 50X more tensile strength than steel
  • Self-assemble into ropes that toughen the coating
  • Greener than traditional zinc rich systems and MIL-TDL 24441 systems

If corrosion is a factor for the fleet or equipment you operate, call Tesla NanoCoatings at 330-417-3550 or contact us today.