Teslan keeps bridges strong and other infrastructure sturdy

It’s a scientific fact. Carbon nanotubes provide mechanical and electrical enhancements to materials. And Teslan’s patented formulation is the best way to bring the strength and durability of carbon nanotube properties to bear in protecting our bridges and other critical infrastructure.

As infrastructure maintenance funding ebbs and flows, Tesla NanoCoatings has expandable manufacturing capacity to get Teslan to your job site wherever and whenever it is needed.

Teslan protects in a variety of ways, chief of which are barrier and cathodic. Carbon nanotubes in Teslan’s patented formulation form ropelike structures that are super strong and capable of withstanding oxidation, UV damage, impact and abrasion. But should the coating suffer damage such as a scrape or scratch and steel is exposed to water, Teslan’s galvanic properties are activated to repair the wounded area. We balance resins and pigments in our system with enough conductive material to maintain electrical conductivity between your substrate and our coating components.

Consider these Teslan leading-edge functional properties:

  • Tensile fatigue
  • Scratch/abrasion/impact resistance
  • Tensile strength/elongation
  • Stress dissipation
  • Micro-crack reduction
  • Adhesion
  • Cathodic protection

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